Hi everyone,
This is the version 0.4 of our prototype! In this version we've made a few changes and fixes. The first and most visible one is the game's physics. Ohm is faster and heavier in this version. There is a tweak in the camera and now it has a little delay to move with Ohm. We had the chance to expo the game in the largest music festival in the World: the Rock in Rio in a side event called Game XP. There, we noticed that players had a struggle with the buttons, so we decided to change it and now the game itself is more approachable. Besides all that, we had fixed some bugs and mechanics and added a new and fresh power-up!

We hope you can play and tell us what you liked most and dislike most in our game! 

Enjoy and Have Fun! ;)


Wired_Demo_v0.4 15 MB
Oct 04, 2017

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